Sunday, April 27, 2008

Life's Adventures

So...where to start? As usual, I'm behind in my updates :) So, have a guess where I am. Not going to guess? Ah. Too true- I'm due to be all over the place, so how would you know? Well, I'll tell you. I'm in a Day's Inn motel, in Knoxville TN with a broken down Jeep at the door. But hey...they have free WiFi :) So...the long sordid tale:

It all started back in Tifton Georgia, where I went for 3 weeks with a group of 8 worthy compatriots (c/o 2009ers all) to study rural large animal medicine. While I was there, I met one Dr. M- a pathologist with a strong interest in wildlife ecology. I had a wonderful time working with her and now plan to stay in Tifton this summer working on a chytridiosis project (already set up with Dr. K). While I was there, I necropsied a cheetah, 2 alligators, some wild turkeys, frogs, cows...the works. If I get a chance, I'll tell you guys all about it. Anyway, had a good time in Tifton- I even spent a weekend at the beach with D. down in FL. Great time!

So, back to Athens for a rotation in avian medicine at PDRC. An eye openning experience! But more about that later. Dr. M set up for me to visit a collaborator's lab here in Knoxville, at UT. A great set up, great people, and a lot of opportunities for project collaboration.

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