Tuesday, May 6, 2008

At the beach!

Hey all- so just a quick update. I'm sitting outside of an old house on Reeds Beach, on Deleware Bay. Rough life :) The beach is amazing, with perfect weather for working (a bit chilly, with a stiff breeze, but plenty of sun). I'm here for the month of may collecting samples from shore birds and gulls for avian influenza work. This is my 4th rotation, having just finished 3 weeks with the Poultry Diagnostic and Reseach Center (PDRC) in Athens. That was an eye opener, and actually a great time with some great people. We'll be catching, bleeding and swabbing on the beach intermittently all month. Anyway, the gnats are getting kind of bad, so I'm off for the house (which, by the way, sits right over the water on stilts- sleeping at night with the sound of the surf, and doing pilates on the deck)

Life, my friends, is GREAT!


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