Thursday, April 3, 2008

So here's the plan...

So, for those of you who don't know, it's finally happened: I'm on the final stretch of vet school- clinics. For the next 14 months or so, I'll be hopping from one 3-week rotation to another. I and 95 other juniors at the UGA College of Vet Med left the classroom March 3, 2008 and began our clinical careers. We will continue on in this vein until May 2, 2009 when we graduate, and start getting paid for this.

So, I started off in Large Animal Internal Medicine for 3 weeks at the Large Animal Teaching Hospital at UGA (Athens, GA). I had several patients- a 10y/o Paint Gelding colic post-op; a couple eye cases, including a miniature Llama; a QH mare with medical colic, a septic standardbred foal who ended up having an umbilical ulcer; and most memorable of all: a 3y/o Dromedary camel with indigestion after getting into the monkey feed (and roughly 100lbs of other food as well). For you non-veterinary types, that's a medical emergency in a ruminant (or a pseudo-ruminant camelid), so don't you scoff. However, he was none-the worse for wear.
So here's the plan:
For the next year or so, I plan to keep you posted on the various goings on of yours truly. I guess we plan to be pretty busy this year, so I may not be the best (as if I ever was) at keeping in touch. Please forgive me and feel free to call if you need anything. For a preview of the coming year, here's a rough schedule:
LA Med (Athens GA) 3 weeks
Production Animal Disease/Pathology (Tifton, GA) 3 wks
Avian Pathology (Athens, GA - PDRC) 3wks
Avian Influenza Sampling w/ SCWDS (Delaware Bay) 5wks
Clinical Pathology (Athens, GA) 2wks
Diagnostic Pathology (Athens, GA) 2wks
Plumb Island Animal Disease Research Center (Plumb Island, NY) 6wks
Small Animal Internal Medicine (Athens, GA) 3wks
Walter Reed Army Reasearch Inst. (Washington, DC) 3wks
Armed Forces Inst of Pathology (Washington, DC) 3wks
Anesthesiology (Athens, GA) 3wks
Animal Medical Center (Manhattan, NYC) 3wks
Christmas Break!
Community Practice (athens, GA) 3wks
Radiology (Athens, GA) 3wks
Dept of Homeland Security Health Scholars Program (DC) 6wks
(Spring 2009 schedule is still up in the air)
So, keep checking in and I'll try to see what I can get up here. Thanks!- s

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Mary said...

Wow, I'm so stoked for you! I'm jealous too ;)! It definitely looks like you've got a full schedule but I'm sure it's incredibly fulfilling too. That's awesome, Sabrina!! Thanks for the blog! Stay in touch. :) ~Mary